The Amber Herd – This Town EP

this town

Release date:        2 May 2011

Track listing:

    Leaving Home
    Catching Time
    Days Like These

The Amber Herd – Red Gold / Thursday (double A side single)

red gold

Release date:        3 May 2010

Track listing:        A. Red Gold / AA. Thursday

The Amber Herd’s second single, another double A side.

The Amber Herd – Stage Fright / Foot Tapper (double A side single)

stage fright

Release date:        14 April 2009

Track listing:        A. Stage Fright / AA. Foot Tapper

The Amber Herd’s first single, a double A side.

Neptune Pink Floyd – Double Core (compilation album)

double core

Release date:        November 2007

Track listing:        Magnolia

A compilation album from members of the Neptune Pink Floyd website. After a rumour that Pink Floyd may be recording a new album called Double Core, forum members decided to record original songs using the “leaked “ song titles. This album comprises a continuous 70 minute suite of music and songs from forum members worldwide including The Airwaves from Sweden and Keychain Logic from the USA. The centrepiece of the album is the Amber Herd’s original nine minute epic, Magnolia.

The Amber Herd – Tails of Wasps (album)

tails of wasps

Release date:       September 2006

Track listing:

    Made Of Wood
    Stage Fright
    Tails Of Wasps
    Another River
    The Migraine Trees

A set of four- track recordings of original songs, including some tracks still performed live by the band.

Neptune Pink Floyd – The Return Of The Sons Of Neptune (compilation)


Release date:       March 2006

Track listing:       The Thin Ice

On-line compilation album featuring cover versions of Pink Floyd tracks performed by bands including The Future Kings Of England, Darkside and Us and Them. Includes The Amber Herd’s version of The Thin Ice, originally featured on The Wall album in 1979.

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